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FDI Corporation Ltd.

IT Solution and Office Setting

According to your requirement, our Japanese professional consultants and Thai will give you all their support on all application works.

• IT・OA Service

  • IT / Telecom        : Telephone Lines and Internet LAN Lines
  • Office systems    : Multi Copier, Projector, PC, MobilePhone, Server, Network Equipments sale, Setup and Maintenance with Experienced our IT Engineers.
  • IT Technology      : Finger Print attendance management, CCTV Systems and TV Meeting systems
  • Project Management : Being a Person in charge in Thailand Branch for IT Manager in Japan
  • Wiring                 : Power Lines, Telephone Lines, LAN Lines & PABX Setup for Offices &  Factories

• Retail Agency ①

  • FURUNO SYSTEMS Handy Terminal, MORS System

• Retail Agency ②

  • MentorGraphics CAD Software “CADRA”

• Real Estate Service

  • Introduce Office Building Properties for Customer
  • Introduce Rental Factories, Land in Industrial Park
  • Supporting Services : Construction, Electrical Work, Interior Finishing with cooperative company